BASKA FINALS VII Opening Ceremonies

November 11, 2011  

The BASKA FINALS VII began the epic weekend with a first of sorts as the FINALS started off with a traditional OPENING CEREMONIES. Team CASTRO SPORT KARATE (Rafael Garcia & Austin Huff), Steve Brumme,  and Team DUMLAO’s (Jon Jon Naraja & Josh Naraja) warmed the crowd up with with inspiring martial art musical demonstrations.

Then it was off to the PARADE OF DOJOS. Teams paraded out one by one with participating members and were each announced to the supportive crowd in attendance. Dojos/Teams walked crossed the stage with banners, matching warm up jackets, team pride, and united energy.

Below is a list of dojos that partook in the OPENING CEREMONIES PARADE OF DOJOS:

Palo Alto, CA                        Led by Sidney Loew                        STUDIO KICKS

Redwood City, CA            Led by Tamara Kane                        ALL STAR KARATE CENTER

Fresno,CA                        Led by Mickey Finn                        ART OF SHOTOKAN

Tracy,CA                        Led by Julio Castro                        TEAM CASTRO SPORT KARATE

Fremont, CA                        Led by Will Quisol                        BRIONES KAJUKENBO

Pinole, CA                        Led by Ramsey Abid                        DUMLAO’S MARTIAL ARTS

Sparks, NV                        Led by Alvin Santiago            EVOLUTION MARTIAL ARTS

San Jose, CA                        Led by Jessica Tran                        HIDDEN DRAGON TKD

Oakland, CA                        Led by Lionel Giowans            HUTCHINSON’S MARTIAL ARTS

San Jose, CA                        Led by Robert Valdez            KATTENGELL’S KNKT

San Bruno, CA            Led by Kristin Cantor            LAMA’S KENPO

Stockton, CA                        Led by Vilma Deleon                        TEAM N’MOTION

Pittsburg, CA                        Led by Allen Nunley                        NUNLEY’S KARATE DO

Atescadero, CA            Led by Tony Santos                        PACIFIC COAST MARTIAL ARTS

San Rafael, CA            Led by Justice Allred                        TAYLOR HOUSE OF KARATE

San Jose, CA                        Led by Mitchell Halloway            DRAGON CLOUD

Rodeo, CA                        Led by Tyra Co                        TOTAL CONTROL MARTIAL ARTS

Rocklin, CA                        Led by Aaron Williams            ERNIE REYES TKD

Castro Valley, CA            Led by GM Max Pallen            PALLEN M2 NATION

Vacaville, CA                        Led by William Campos            CAMPOS KARATE

After a short OPENING MISSION STATEMENT speech from the prestigious BASKA League President, TONY KATTENGELL, the crowd was treated with a resounding rendition of the USA National Anthem by the enlightened Stockton,CA native, Cris Garcia.

To kickoff the weekend’s festivities, both the ATHLETE COMPETITIVE OATH and the JUDGES OATH were recited by respected Athlete representative, ELIZABETH AQUINO, and one of the finest Judges representative around, ALLEN NUNLEY.

To officially kickoff the BASKA FINALS VII Games of 2011, the illustrious Secretary of State, THERESA KATTENGELL recited the DECLARATION FOR THE GAMES TO BEGIN with a resounding statement, “I declared OPEN the FINALS of BASKA & THE LEAGUE celebrating the 7th GAMES of the modern era. MAY THE GAMES BEGIN !!! ”

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